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If you are a pitcher looking to take a major leap in performance, look no further than DevX. Home to some of the best young pitchers in the country, DevX has a rich history of helping athletes dominate on the mound. We've had multiple pitchers gain more than 10 mph in a single year, helping them with their mechanics, their power, mobility, accuracy and pitch design. 

Check out our Services & Memberships. If there is a service or membership you want that we don't offer, let us know so we can design a program to fit your needs!

New Policy Announcement: 

Sessions must now be paid when booking online. If you wish to pay cash or in person, please email or text/call us to book your appointment. If you can't make your appointment, let us know and you will be refunded.



  • DevX Elite

    Every month
    All-Inclusive College Prep Throwing Program
    • Up to 5 Private Pitching Lessons each week
    • Unlimited Rapsodo Bull-Pens
    • Career Development Programming
    • Recovery and Arm-Care
    • Pitch Design and Mechanical Corrections
    • Command Training
    • Mental Skills Training
  • DevX Ace

    Every month
    The Ultimate Pitching Development Membership
    • Unlimited DevX Pitching Classes
    • FREE DevX Diagnostics Evaluation
    • 50% OFF High Intent Rapsodo Bullpens
    • FREE Custom Strength Program Included
    • Driveline TRAQ

Pitching Services


4150 112th Terrace N.

Clearwater, FL  33762

(843) 713-6545 (txt or call)


Monday - Friday: 2pm - 9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 2pm - 8pm



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