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Lindsay Cooper

We heard great things about DevX from teammates so we decided to give it a shot. The coaches are wonderful, knowledgeable and have helped our son a ton!

Before You Get Started

If you are 13 or older, we highly recommend you complete our DevX Diagnostics: Pitching Evaluation before you book your first lesson. It is not mandatory, but it gives you and your coach valuable insights into your mechanics and pitch arsenal and allows us to develop a training plan around your specific weaknesses

Pitching Lessons

Lesson Packages

Includes FREE DevX Diagnostics: Pitching Evaluation ($125 Value) Limited Time Only!

  • Advanced Pitching Package

    Purchase 6 Lessons and get the 7th Lesson FREE
    • FREE DevX Diagnostics: Pitching Evaluation ($125 value)
    • Limited Time Offer
  • Beginner Pitching Package

    Purchase 6 Beginner Lessons and get the 7th Lesson FREE

    Limited Time Offer Includes DevX Diagnostics: Pitching Evaluation ($125 Value)

    Expert Instruction

    If you're looking for a coach to shout out cliché old- school pitching cues with no rhyme or reason, this isn't the place for you. Each of our coaches are trained in the latest science backed methods of pitching development. From mental skills, mechanics, pitch design, and proper warm-up and recovery methods; everything we do is based on the latest research behind pitching development at the highest level.

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    Who Are Lessons For?

    We work with players of all skill levels 8 and older who are interested in taking their game to new heights. No matter where you are at in your journey, we can help guide you to where you want to go. For pitchers 12 and under, we have Private Beginner Lessons, and Private Advanced Lessons for pitchers 13 and older.  

    Why do Lessons?

    If you are too young or unable to get here for our Daily Throwing Program, Private Lessons are a great way to improve your game. Whether you use a lesson for a bullpen between games, use it to supplement our Remote Training, want to work on a pitch, or work on your mechanics; our Private Lessons provide a ton of value.


    What are Lessons Like?

    There are 5 Phases to our Private Lessons, each with a specific purpose related to developing your performance. 

    Warm Up/Correctives

    The first part of our lessons involves a proper warm up to get the body ready for high intensity activity, and correctives to address any mobility issues related to performance. This phase also includes arm prep, where we use J-Bands and certain exercises to prepare the arm for high intensity throwing.

    Drill Work

    Most of the mechanical adjustments we make take place during our drill work. Depending on your particular weaknesses, we prescribe constraint drills to address those specific areas in your delivery.

    Catch Play

    After your drill work, we head to our outdoor turf for catch play. We like to blend our drill work into our catch play with certain drills to clean up any deficiencies. Depending on the nature of your lesson that day, your catch play might be a max long toss, 90 foot catch, or somewhere in the middle. 

    Mound Work

    After you're totally loose and ready to go, it's time to hop on the mound. Depending on the nature of the lesson, this might involve a Max Intent Bullpen focusing on velocity, a Command Bullpen focusing on accuracy, a Pitch Design Bullpen focusing on your pitches, or a mix in between. The intensity and volume of your throwing will depend on factors such as your playing schedule and how you are feeling that day. All Bullpens are equipped with radar, and Advanced Lessons get to utilize our Trackman.


    After you finish your mound work, it's important to have a proper recovery process to kick start healing and continue to build strength in your arm. We do certain exercises and treatments to assist in the recovery process and keep you at the top of your game.

    Get in Touch

    4150 112th Terrace N.

    Clearwater, FL 33762 Suite E


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