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Henry Leslie

I heard about DevX through a teammate who gained a ton of velo. I drive 8 hours to see Coach Mike every week and do the Remote Training Program. It has truly changed my life.

The Ultimate Training Experience for Pitchers

The average pitcher in our program gains just under 3 mph in the first 6 weeks. Many of our athletes have gained up to 10 mph in a single year. Beyond pure velocity development, our in-house programs are designed to improve your accuracy, movement, mental skills, health, and overall performance. 


Custom Throwing Program 

Our specific throwing protocols are designed based on your strengths, weakness, and goals. We tailor each individual's drill work, catch play, and mound work based on the information we get from their evaluation, and observations we make along the way. 

Data Capture & Analysis

Throughout your training at DevX, we continue to track your progress with data. Whether it's your velocity numbers, advanced pitch metrics, weight room numbers, or your weight itself; tracking progress over time allows us to make the proper adjustments and ensure you are continuing to progress. 

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In-Depth Evaluation

Our comprehensive player assessment process is a vital component of how we will craft your throwing, lifting, and mobility protocols. Each component provides us with valuable insights we use to design the optimal program. 


Movement Assessment: Addresses your movement quality, and what type of limitations you might have with your mobility.


Fitness Evaluation: Helps identify any weakness or imbalances you might have related to strength and power. 


Mechanical Breakdown: We do a complete breakdown of your delivery to discover any red flags or areas of concern within your mechanics. 


Pitch Design Analysis: Using our Trackman, we capture extensive data on each of your pitches. We then perform an analysis on your pitch arsenal to identify any weaknesses or missing links.


Custom Strength & Conditioning Program

Our strength & conditioning program is designed to optimize your body for elite performance. We use resistance training, plyometric, power training, and agility training to transform you into a high velocity athlete. 


Video Analysis

There is so much going on in such little time during the pitching delivery that it's impossible to identify most mechanical issues with the naked eye. During our drill work and mound work, we are consistently using high-speed video you identify problems and work to correct them. 

On-Site Instruction

Each of our pitching coaches are trained using the same concepts and methods that are used in Major League Baseball. They are experts in pitching mechanics, pitch design, pitch psychology, and fitness. Whether you're in the weight room, on the mound, or doing your drill work, there are always coaches on-site to answer questions, and help you get the most out of each training session.



Any pitcher from 8th grade to the Professional level who wants to put themselves in the optimal position to reach their potential. We train athletes of all skill levels as long as they are willing to put in the effort it takes to succeed. If you're willing to put in the work, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

In-House Training Options

  • College Prep Pitching Program

    Every month
    The Ultimate Development Program for High School & College Pitchers
    • Custom High Velocity Throwing Program. Up to 5 Day's/Week
    • DevXMethod Strength & Speed Training
    • Trackman Bullpens with Instruction
    • Pitch Arsenal Development with Trackman
    • Progressive Performance Data Analysis
    • Arm Care and Recovery
    • Mobility Training
    • Throw Harder, Longer, and more Accurate with Better Pitches
  • The Shohei 2-Way Player Club

    Every month
    The Ultimate Development Program for those who want to dominate on the mound and in the box.
    • Infinite Batting Cage Rentals w/ Pitching Machines ($150/mo)
    • DevXMethod Strength & Speed Training ($150/mo)
    • Up to 2 Hours of Hitting Lessons each Month ($160/mo)
    • College Prep Pitching Program ($400/mo) Up to 5 Day's/Week
  • Special Access Pitching Program

    Every month
    Same as College Prep Pitching Program, but with 1 on 1 instruction.
    • Private coaching and consulting
    • 3 Hours/week of Private Pitching Lessons ($1,040/month)
    • 2 Hours/week of Group Pitching Lessons ($260/month)
    • DevXMethod Strength & Speed Training ($150/month)
    • Custom High Velocity Throwing Program
    • Trackman Bullpens with Instruction
    • Pitch Arsenal Development
    • Progressive Performance Data Analysis
    • Arm Care and Recovery
    • Mobility Training

For Single Sessions

Interested? Reach Out:

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