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In-Season Maintenance Program

In-Season Hybrid Training for High School Pitchers

In-Season Training

This program is specifically for High School Pitchers during their Spring season. This time of year it is tough to get to the facility as much, but we want to be able to support you through your season, and make sure you are doing the right things to optimize your performance and be prepared for each outing. 

Hybrid Training

To get the very most out of your High School season, we like to take a Hybrid approach to your training with the following features...

Remote Programming

Your throwing and lifting protocols will be available on your TRAQ app. We will customize your program each week to make sure you are doing the right things on the right days, to ensure you are at your very best when it matters most.

Your program will have custom drills to fit your weaknesses, proper throwing routines throughout the week, and custom pre-game routines for starters and warm-up routines for pitchers. 

Maintanance Strength & Conditioning

The most common missing link in a High School player's in-season program is a proper strength & conditioning program. Most High School coaches do not have a strength program for their team and leave players on their own. 

Many parents and players have the misconception that you shouldn't lift during the season. This couldn't be further from the truth. Most pitchers who don't lift during the season slowly loose velocity as the year goes on, and many struggle with nagging injuries and soreness. Players who continue with a proper "Maintenance Phase" are able to maintain their velocity and health throughout the season.

With this program, you would come in either before or after practice to get your lifting in.

Bullpens & Recovery Days

Most high school coaches are doing their best to put you in the best to put you in the best situation to succeed, but most just don't have the expertise to properly prepare you to be at your best each week.

If you don't have a daily throwing program in place, you are welcome to come to facility on any days where you are off, or days where they don't have you throw during practice, especially on weekends. Whether it's a bullpen, recovery day, or medium intent day, you can come in to get any work in that you might need. 

Consulting & Video Analysis

This program also includes continued support throughout your season. You are welcome to send us video for us to analyze and give feedback, and answer any questions you might have about your pitching or your program. Send us your stats so that we can track them over time and identify areas you need to improve on. 

Not For Everyone

We understand that this program might not be feasible for everyone. It would be difficult to get enough value under certain circumstances, especially if your team has an organized strength & conditioning program throughout the season. If your team also has a dedicated pitching coach who understand the value of daily throwing and mobility routines, has extensive knowledge of mechanics and proper throwing protocols; this program might not make sense for you. 

If those things don't apply to your and your team, this program could be the difference in your success this season. You would have a major advantage over your peers and put yourself in the best situation to succeed.

Built Just for You

As we continue to grow our pitching program, we wanted to find ways to help more pitchers by launching our new Remote Training Program.  The Remote Training Program is priced at $300/month and includes many new features that we are excited to implement for our In-House Training Program this Summer.


In an effort to show some love to our current in-house clients, we are offering this Hybrid Training Program for just $200/month, just for you. It will include everything you see in our new Remote Training Program, plus other features such as the unlimited access to our facility to lift and throw. 

If you have any questions about the program and are interested in getting the very most out of your High School season, feel free to reach out to us directly.

If you don't think it's a good fit for whatever reason, we are excited to see you in the Summer with the exciting new features we are adding. You can check those out here if you'd like. 

Hybrid Training Program

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In-Season Hybrid Program



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Remote Training, Recovery Days, Weekend Bullpens, Maintenance Lifting

Remote Throwing Program

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In-Season Consulting

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