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The Ultimate Training Experience for Hitters

No matter your current skill level, our in-house hitting programs are designed to take you to the next level. We take a comprehensive approach when developing hitters, focusing on their mind, body, and swing. 

In-Depth Evaluation

Custom Strength & Conditioning Program

Our strength & conditioning program is designed to optimize your body for elite performance. We use resistance training, plyometric, power training, and agility training to prepare your body for the next level. Our on-site strength coach will work with you to master your form and push you to become your best self.

Professional Hitting Instruction

With a Private Lesson each week, you and your coach will be able to fine-tune your approach and make adjustments as needed. We will look to improve your contact rate, power, and swing decisions to make yourself a well rounded hitter. 

Our comprehensive player assessment process is  vital component of how we will design your training program. Each component provides us with valuable insights we use to design the optimal program. 


Movement Assessment: We learn about your movement quality, and what type of limitations you might have with your mobility.


Fitness Evaluation: Helps us identify any weakness or imbalances you might have related to strength and power. 


Swing Assessment: We do a complete breakdown of your swing to discover any red flags or areas of concern within your mechanics. 

Unlimited Facility Access

Between lessons and strength training sessions, you will have full access to the facility to use our outdoor turf, throwing areas, and our Batting Cages equipped with balls, tees, and Hack Attack Pitching Machines with Automatic Feeders.

In-House Training Programs for Hitters

  • The Shohei 2-Way Player Club

    Every month
    The Ultimate Development Program for those who want to dominate on the mound and in the box.
    • Infinite Batting Cage Rentals w/ Pitching Machines ($150/mo)
    • DevXMethod Strength & Speed Training ($150/mo)
    • Up to 2 Hours of Hitting Lessons each Month ($160/mo)
    • College Prep Pitching Program ($400/mo) Up to 5 Day's/Week
  • College Prep Hitting Program

    Every month
    The Ultimate Player Development Program for Hitters
    • Infinite Batting Cage Access w/ Pitching Machines ($150/mo)
    • DevXMethod Strength & Speed Training ($150/mo)
    • 4 hr's of Private Hitting Lessons/month ($320/mo)
    • 2 Free months of our Velo Booster Throwing Program ($500/mo)
  • Daily Swing Pass

    Every month
    Unlimited Batting Cage Rentals with Pitching Machines and Automatic Feeders
    • Unlimited Batting Cage Rentals

For Single Sessions

Interested? Reach Out:

In-House Hitting Program Interest

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